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100% Organic Ethiopian Harrar Coffee
100% Organic Ethiopian Harrar Coffee 9th Street Coffee
9th Street Coffee's Organic Ethiopian Harrar Arabica Coffee

Organic & Responsibly Sourced
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Did you know? Sourcing
Did you know?
  • 9th Street Coffee's Ethiopian Harrar: Sourced from the Oromia region of Ethiopia, 9th Street’s Ethiopian Harrar reflects the country’s long tradition of bringing the world unique, quality beans. The warm, inviting aroma blends into a clear, full-bodied beverage. Our Ethiopian Harrar offers a wonderfully complex palette of chocolate and berry, with a light floral afternote and bright finish. As with all of our 100% organic coffees from Africa, 9th Street’s Ethiopian Harrar will delight both experienced connoisseurs and those newly initiated into coffees from this continent. Consistent with our commitment to enhancing the lives of local farmers, a portion of proceeds from 9th Street Coffee’s Ethiopian Harrar is invested in the community via our partnership and support of the UNDP Africa program. Experience and enjoy our remarkable Ethiopian Harrar today.
    Roast Level: City plus 5
    Caffeine Level: Medium - High
    Acidity Level: Medium
    Varietal: Arabica
    Elevation: 4,900 - 5,900 ft above sea level
    Accreditation: Certified Organic - Fair Trade - Single Origin - Single Ghimbi Plantation - Recycled/Biodegradable Packaging