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White tea is one of the most unique varieties of tea. Going back as far as the Song Dynasty (960AD), White tea has been referred to as one of the most naturally processed teas on the market. What differentiates white teas from other varieties is. there is no additional heat used to dry the leaves other than the sun. Other verities are fermented, steamed, or pan-fired during processing to transform the raw leaves into a steeped drinkable product. The leaves are selectively harvested late in the morning, before the hottest part of the day. The leaves are then laid out on canvas sheets and allowed to wilt in the sun. Afterwards additional drying takes place indoors. White teas were originally produced exclusively in the Fujian province of China. This area remains the primary production in Asia, however now you will find white tea production in Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India. The best still comes from China. The name "White" tea has nothing to do with the color of the tea before or after processing. The term white tea comes from the silver white needles on the unopened tea buds. However you prefer to prepare it, iced or hot, you will enjoy and savor 9th Street Coffee & Tea's Organic White Tea.
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