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Organic Puerto Rican Mt Ponce Coffee
100% Organic  Puerto Rican Mt Ponce Coffee
9th Street Coffee's 100% Organic Colombian Supremo Coffee

Organic & Responsibly Sourced    
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Did you know? Sourcing
Did you know?
  • From one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands, 9th Street Coffee is excited to present Puerto Rico's most valued treasures. Our Puerto Rican Mount Ponce Arabica coffee holds the true essence of the Caribbean coffee culture. Featuring a bold earthy taste and natural sweetness, it is sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee lovers pallet. Adding to its great taste, an above average caffeine level makes it the perfect jump start to your morning. Lets join together and support America's island paradise by beginning our day with a cup of this great tasting coffee.
    Roast Level: Full City Roast
    Caffeine Level: Medium - Medium/High
    Acidity Level: Medium
    Varietal: Certified Grade 18 Arabica
    Elevation: 2,500 - 4,000 ft above sea level
    Accreditation: Certified Organic - Owner Operated - Single Origin - Single Plantation - Recycled/Biodegradable Packaging