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100% Organic Royal Indian Periyar Tiger Reserve RFA Coffee
9th Street Coffee's Organic Royal Indian Periyar Tiger Reserve RFA Coffee
9th Street Coffee's Royal Indian Periyar Tiger Reserve Coffee

Organic & Responsibly Sourced    
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Did you know? Sourcing
Did you know?
  • Royal Indian Periyar Tiger Reserve Coffee: National symbol of India, the tiger represents power, agility, and grace. 9th Street Coffee is proud to offer Royal Indian Tiger Reserve, a coffee that reflects the strengths the subtleties of the tiger, while also supporting conservation efforts aimed at preserving this magnificent creature and its habitat. The beans themselves hail from a farm nestled in close proximity to the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkadi, Kerala, India. The powerfully fragrant aroma bursts forth from the bean, yet the beverage itself is strong-yet-smooth and balanced, with nutty and slight caramel after notes. 9th Street Coffee donates a portion of the sales of this bean to the tiger reserve. We invite you to try this unique bean, which is certain to delight any coffee enthusiast, while also supporting local conservation efforts in the land from which the coffee hails.
    Roast Level: Full City plus 3
    Caffeine Level: Medium - High
    Acidity Level: Low - Medium
    Varietal: Arabica
    Elevation: 3,000 - 4,500 ft above sea level
    Accreditation: Certified Organic - Fair Trade - Single Origin - Single Plantation - Recycled/Biodegradable Packaging