ELEVATING YOUR COFFEE AND TEA EXPERIENCE        

     Explore the unique and individual characteristics from each coffee and tea-growing region with 9th Street Coffee and Tea as your guide. We welcome novice and experienced coffee and tea enthusiasts to join us and tour the best offerings that we curate from around the world. We strive to offer our clients an easy stress free experience while selecting one of our high quality and expertly prepared coffees or loose teas. Additionally, we want you to feel good while enjoying one of our great tasting beverages.        

                                                                    At 9th Street Coffee and More, we have two goals:

1. Bringing Attention and Spreading Awareness: 

     9th Street's founder, Giannini, was born into a third-generation, coffee-farming family. This upbringing grants him first-hand knowledge of the struggles faced and what it takes to prepare soil, plant bushes, monitor growth, and process yields. Building on his real-world experiences, we want to highlight the real lives and local situations of those who work diligently to bring us our favorite anytime beverages. On the coffee side, we achieve this by supporting groups and non-profit foundations that facilitate direct, fair, and responsible trade between the actual family-owned and family-operated farms and our company. These groups include: 

  • UNDP Africa Project – allows us to directly lend funds and share technologies with impoverished farming villages throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the surrounding area.
  • Latin American Coffee Growers Cooperative – allows us to pool the efforts of several small family plantations throughout South and Central America and offer the growers a real fair trade price.  
  • Malawi Women's Farming Project – directly supports single-parent households throughout Malawi's frontier regions where farming is the only source of survival.
  • Royal Indian Tiger Reserve Program – all proceeds from the beans we source for this coffee directly into the preservation of the natural habitats of these wonderful creatures.  

     Each of these programs offers an opportunity to share technologies and sustainable practices that help improve the quality of the beans and the over-all future of the farming operations. Our direct financial support through micro-lending helps implement new ideas and practices that bring a better product to market. More importantly, we can make a positive difference in farmers’ lives. Each time you enjoy one of 9th Street's organic, gourmet, roasted coffees, you too become part of the solution and you contribute to the real and responsible trade that directly improves the futures and overall well-being of our partner suppliers.  

2. Always Passionately Striving To Improve: 

     We at 9th Street already believe in the superior quality of our beans and loose teas. Nevertheless, we are committed to studying and exploring the science of coffee and loose teas.  We strive to understand, identify, and track what makes each coffee bean or loose tea unique and how we can formulate better tea blends and more flavorful roasting recipes that harness all the natural elements and full-bodied benefits. We study flavor combinations and create tea blends that delight and inspire with every sip. We use those findings to perfect our coffees and teas so we can provide the highest quality and most delightful product possible.   

     At 9th Street Coffee & More, Gourmet Roasted, Fair Trade, Responsibly Sourced and Satisfaction Guaranteed are more than just slogans. We believe that our careful selection and acquisition of beans and teas, our state-of-the-art roasting and processing facility in Miami, and our Philadelphia micro-roasting shop differentiate us. More importantly, it allows us to cater to our clients’ specific preferences in selecting, creating or customizing a coffee or tea to complement a specific taste.       

     We sincerely hope you find all our products to your absolute satisfaction and encourage you to let us know how best to exceed your expectations and improve and enhance our services. 

Thank you  

The 9th Street Coffee & More Team