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Organic Mocha Java Coffee
Organic Mocha Java Coffee

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Did you know? Sourcing
Did you know?
  • Welcome to the worlds first coffee blend. Created in the early 1400's by Duct traders, Mocha Java is a precise combination of Yemeni Mocha beans and Arabica beans from the Colonial Plantation on the island of Java. At that time, Yemen and Java were the two power-houses of the coffee trade. Folk lour says the Dutch didn't care much for the strength of traditional Turkish coffee and since drinking coffee was a cultural way of solidifying business arrangements, the Dutch traders began mixing smoother tasting Java Arabica beans to the potent Yemen Mocha beans. According to the Yemeni ship owners docked at the Port of Mocha, dialing down the kick of Turkish Coffee, lead to the economic expansion of The Middle East. One fact is certain, Mocha Java is a unique great tasting coffee created for positive results.
    Caffeine Level: Medium to Medium/High
    Acidity Level: Arabian
    Varietal: Yemen & Java Arabica
    Elevation: 5,000 - 6,800 ft above sea level
    Accreditation: Certified Organic - Certified YSC - Fair Trade - Single Origin - Single Plantation - Recycled/Biodegradable Packaging